When Our Home ISP Set Bandwidth Limits, We Decided to Switch

Posted by Carla C. Dennis on in Online Site

Speed is the major factor for the Internet connection we have at home. However, bandwidth suddenly became a major concern for us. We have pretty much everything from computers to our smartphones connected to the broadband Internet in our home. We stream movies a lot, and are a bandwidth hungry family I guess. Well, I went to internetproviders.us to find another Internet Service Provider when I got a notice from our current one.

We had a web page popup the other night when my wife went online. It told us that we were reaching the limit of the bandwidth for our account. We have had this provider for years for home service and never heard such a thing. I called and found out that the terms of service for our account had changed. They now limit the amount of data you can have in a month without paying extra. Have you ever heard of this for home Internet service? Me neither, but they do have it where we are at.

That is why I went to internetproviders.us. I wanted to find a truly unlimited broadband Internet Service Provider. The person I talked to at our old provider told me that new devices and applications are using up a lot of data. Well, that is what is going to keep on happening as we move forward in this technological age. Since our monthly rate was going to go up going over their new limits set by our old provider, I figured we would just switch to an even faster option. There are a lot of changes happening with home Internet, but there are also a lot more providers out there too. With the increase in competition, maybe they will change their mind about setting the limits on the home Internet accounts.

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