What is the sum of a number d divided by nine and the number? – Focus along Forex Striker Review

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  1. D as the variable
    Brian, thanks so much. That was the correct answer! And by the way, it was phrased that way by Web Assign, not me. Thanks again though!

    Answer by Nico

  2. I got a D in Biology and English my freshman year, but I took Physics and got A’s for both semesters to make up for Biology. Will the D’s affect me a lot?

    Answer by Tad
    The short answer is that, yes, a D is going to hurt you getting into college. It will lower your overall GPA, which many colleges use for certain cutoffs. That being said it might not hurt you as much as you think. Colleges like to see improvement, so getting a D in the beginning of your high school years and then improving is a good sign (much better than doing well in the beginning and then slowly doing worse) Also it will depend on the kind of program in which you are applying for. If you want to be an Electrical Engineer or Physics major then they will want to see higher grades in physics and math courses. If you’re going into a premed program then it might have a greater effect. Unless you’re planning to apply to the top of the food chain (MIT, Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Dartmouth… etc) I wouldn’t sweat it too much, you’re probably a fairly competitive student as long as you can still pull out a decent SAT score.

  3. I’m a freshman d-lineman.I’m 6 feet 195 pounds.I want to start on the defensive line for my sophomore year.I want to get faster, and stronger, and more agile.So any tips that would help me start as a defensive end would be helpful.

    Answer by writerpiranha
    First of all, bulk up. Most D-liners weigh 250+ pounds. I would suggest doing the 40-yard dash for speed, setting higher and higher goals for yourself each time. Also, do some distance running on a treadmill. Lifting weights and punching bags are great ways to improve arm strength. For agility I’d work a lot on stretches (As in about 10 stretches 50 times each 2 times a day). It seems rigorous but if you’re really committed to starting on the d-line you can pull it off.

  4. I only just now found out that I needed to be giving my breastfed daughter Vitamin D supplements. In addition to breastmilk she eats one meal of peas, green beans, or sweet potatoes each day. I will start giving her extra Vitamin D right away, but I am so scared that I’ve harmed her bone development for life since she probably hasn’t gotten enough Vitamin D until now. Should I be worried? Is there anything I can do to make up for the last 6 months? Thanks!

    Answer by meppa30
    Depending on where you live it is very difficult for people to get a vitamin deficiency. To top your daughter for vitamin D go outside and walk around in the sun for 15 Min’s, it is all the vitamin D you need.

  5. I have the
    Bears D against the seahawks this week or
    the Bengals D vs the rams.

    Both are playing against good running backs


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    Answer by Matt

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