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  1. SOLD OUT: Grimes
    Event on 2012-10-09 20:00:00

    laire Boucher(born March 17, 1988), often known by her alias and stage nameGrimes, is a Canadian artist,[1]musician,[2]andmusic video director.[3]A native ofVancouver, Grimes began recording experimental music while attending college inMontreal, where she became involved with the underground electronic and industrial music scene.

    In 2010, she released her debut album,Geidi Primesthrough Arbutus Records, followed byHalfaxa(2011). In late 2011, she announced that she had signed with4ADRecords, who released her third album,Visions(2012).Visionsmet critical acclaim and was hailed by theThe New York Timesas "one of the most impressive albums of the year thus far."[4]

    Grimes' music has been noted by critics and journalists for its atypical combination of vocal elements, as well as a wide array of influences, ranging from industrial and electronic topop,hip hop,R&B,noise rockand evenmedieval music.

    In addition to her project as Grimes, she is also a member of the band L$ D along withKreayshawnand Tragik.

    Grimes' debut album,Geidi Primes, was released on cassette in 2010 throughArbutus Records. Later in 2010, Grimes released her second album,Halfaxa, also through Arbutus. In 2011, Grimes released a split 12 with Deon titledDarkbloom. In May 2011 she opened forLykke Lion her North American Tour[5][6]and the following August, her debut album was re-released through No Pain in Pop Records, in CD and vinyl format for the first time.[15]Also in 2011, she made an appearance on Majical Cloudz's single "Dream World"[16]and collaborated with DJ/producer Blood Diamonds.[17][18]

    Grimes announced on her Twitter, in January 2012 that she had signed with record label4AD. The label released her third full-length LP,Visions, in February 2012 in the United States and March 2012 in other countries withArbutusreleasing in Canada.[19]Pitchfork Medialisted Visions in their Best New Music category.[20]Her song "Oblivion" from the album received favorable reviews from noted music critic David Hajdu in The New Republic.[21]

    Grimes described writing the new album in a recent interview as being.."equally enjoyable and tortuous but I feel like the fact that it was really hard was part of the reason that it was really good, yknow? I definitely look back on that time with fond memories, even though I remember crying and being like I hate everything! at the time! (Laughs) But I recorded it in my room in Montreal and it was a really good way to work"[22]According to Grimes, she wrote the album after spending nine days in isolation: "[After nine days] you have no stimulation, so your subconscious starts filling in the blanks", she said. "I started to feel like I was channelling spirits. I was convinced my music was a gift from God. It was like I knew exactly what to do next, as if my songs were already written."[10]

    On April 27, 2012 Grimes announced a line ofringsinspired by thevulva.[23]On June 10, her band, L$ D, released their debut single, "Don't Smoke My Blunt Bitch".

    at El Rey Theatre


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    5515 Wilshire Boulevard
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