Another Great Day Online Checking Things out

Posted by Benita N. Powell on in Online Site

I am not the greatest computer person in the world so when I find things online I get a little bit happy. I am not up to date with the greatest things such as Facebook and all that social media jazz. I do receive some funny emails from friends and family once in a while and I think they are neat. One of them was for My friend that moved to Virginia says that their sermons are great and I should see them. I was like how will I see your sermon if I don’t live there! He pointed the link in that site that shows the sermon through a video link. How cool is that?

Although I was not able to try it right away it seems like a cool way for a church to get people to get to sermon without going to church. Not sure how good that is or anything but they are trying to stay up with the times.

I even tried online banking the other day and it went pretty flawlessly I thought.

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