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Doing Pretty Good Down Here

Posted by Carla C. Dennis on in Online Site

Of course I am just another grad student and TA here at UNC Chapel Hill. I have been doing my research and trying to scrape by with the money that I have. I did meet a very interesting girl the other day. She is also a TA, in the psychology department and after a bit I got to wonder if she were using me as one of the test monkeys. She was asking me some odd questions, stuff that involved the dominant sexual power in the relationship between a man and a woman. I can not claim to be an expert on the topic and in fact I never really thought too much about the concept of dominance in a sexual relationship. It was really odd, because I could not tell if she was interested in going out with me or if she was just making me her lab rat. I got to think that it was a bit of both.

I have a date with her in a few days, but it is not like I am going to be able to take her out for lobster and that sort of stuff. I used up a lot of my money on the way down here. My car gave up on me down here. It needed a timing belt and those things are ridiculously expensive. I am living out of the credit card now, but I can not go on like that for long. I already have a pretty good bit of debt and at some point it becomes insoluble if you just keep charging stuff. The rate on this credit card is not really awful, but only when you compare it to the worst of them. I get them in the mail and they say twenty some percent interest.

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