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SHREDZ Supplements Announces Debut of Alpha Female Calendar

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Paige Hathaway, Brittany Coutu, Nikki Leonard, and Ainsley Rodriguez are featured in the 2014 Alpha Female calendar.

Jersey City, NJ (PRWEB) December 30, 2013

SHREDZ® Supplements, the producer and distributor of all-natural, gluten-free fitness supplements, has announced the debut of the 2014 Alpha Female Calendar, a collection of the latest images of female athletes, captured by renowned fitness photographer, Ludwig Araujo. Araujo is the photographer responsible for some of Hathaway’s most popular images on Instagram, Facebook, and fitness publications.

The 2014 Alpha Female calendar features the latest stunning images of fitness model Paige Hathaway, WBFF Pro Brittany Coutu, fitness model Ainsley Rodriguez, and CrossFit athlete Nikki Leonard shot exclusively by Ludwig Araujo. Each female athlete brings her signature style to the calendar, providing fans with 365 days of the fitness and beauty that the #SHREDZARMY has come to expect.

Hathaway says she is glad that the world will finally be getting the calendar that they have asked for.

“This calendar has been a long time in the making and it feels good that we finally got it out there for our fans and followers. It’s taken a while because of the hard work that we put into it and I know this is the best calendar of the year. Some of my favorite pictures are in there and I can’t wait for our fans to see what we have saved specifically for this calendar.”

The 2014 Alpha Female calendar will be available for free with a purchase of either an Alpha Male or Alpha Female Stack, while supplies last! Alpha Male and Female Stacks can be purchased at

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SHREDZ, the fastest growing name in health and wellness on social media, was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Jersey City, N.J. The company is led by co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Arvin Lal. SHREDZ offers maximum strength nutraceuticals, including its flagship product, SHREDZ Maximum Strength Fat Burner. The entire product line is manufactured and warehoused in the United States and distributed throughout more than 50 countries. For more information, visit

The Hidden Costs of a Home

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New York State Route 116, Westchester CountyWhen I first bought my house, I had no idea that I would be paying for sewer usage. I knew about the other taxes and utilities that go along with home ownership but sewer costs completely skipped my mind. Depending on the type of sewer systems that your house is connected to, these can range in costs but luckily enough you can have a limited amount of control over those costs if you hire sewer cleaning in westchester county. Cleaning services like this allow you to keep your sewers clean which prevent the septic tanks from backing up. Learn A Lot More

Top Search Engine Optimization Companies in Phoenix

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I have a small company that is located in Phoenix, Arizona, and it has not been doing as well as expected lately. I know that there has been an increase in competition in the area, but that should not really account for all of the decreases in sales that we are experiencing right now. I need to take action, to try to improve the sales, and I have a couple of ideas. One thing I want to do, is to hire a search engine optimization near phoenix company that will be able to improve the SEO of the website for the business.

I think that is pretty crucial in improving sales, because it should increase the number of people who look at our website, and thereby, increase the number of potential customers that we have. Learn A Lot More

Driving Straight to the Coast

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Limo For Toronto Airport - Serving the Greater Toronto Area, Waterloo ...Life is no fun if you don't take time to treat yourself. It really helps you forget about all of the stresses of life. Different people have ways of treating themselves, but only one way works for me. I like to call a toronto limo rental service and have a limo drive me to the coast, where I'll look at the ocean and walk along the beach. It's one of the most relaxing things I've ever experienced, from the moment I get into the limo, to the point where I start walking on the beach and the waves hit my feet.

I started treating myself 5 years ago. I was getting really stressed out over work and school, and I needed to do something to help me break free from everything. The first time I called the limo rental service, it was a spur of the moment event. I didn't plan on doing it beforehand, it just popped in my head one day. I did a quick web search while I was at home and picked the first limo service I could find. I called them and they brought a limo to my house, and I told the driver to take me straight to the coast.

When I got to the coast, I took off my shoes, rolled up mu jeans, and just started walking. There was something very therapeutic about the sand going between my toes. The cool water hitting me was so invigorating. I sat down on a towel that I brought with me and just looked up at the sky. I could feel myself forgetting about everything. I was at peace and I could think clearly. I stayed there for a few hours and headed back home. I do this once a month and it really works for me.

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I Can’t Wait for That Sale

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Christmas Sale: 15% off New Year Sequin Dresses | Glamour VanityThis is my first Christmas since I moved out of my parents house and I don't have a single Christmas decoration. I have looked around in all the local stores and I just can't seem to afford any nice decorations or even a tree. So I have decided to wait for the day after christmas 2013 sales. I can't wait to get all my discounted Christmas decorations. I will save up all my money from now until then so I can by everything I need. I am going to buy a big, white artificial pre-lit tree, some shiny purple tinsel, and a nice set of purple decorative glass Christmas ornaments. I also plan to buy Christmas lights to decorate the outside of my house and a big reef to go on my front door along with lawn decorations like a Santa sled with reindeer and candy canes to outline the pathway. Once I have all these nice decorations I won't have to buy anymore for a few years. Then I can have pride in my home and invite the entire family to visit to show off my nice decorations and home cooking, but decorations aren't the only thing I will buy the day after Christmas, I will also pick out all my presents for the next Christmas. I can get my family nice clothes, games, and toys for a much cheaper price. My nephew loves videos games and those can be very expensive, my niece loves dolls and ponies which will be on sale, and my younger sister goes through tons of makeup each day so I know she always needs more. Most importantly my mother could always use more things for the kitchen, like a new set of pans, cookie trays, and lots of utensils which I know I will be able to find on sale the day after Christmas.

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