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Going to Try Argan Oil

Posted by Carla C. Dennis on in Online Site

I guess that I am going to try some Argan Oil for my skin and dry scalp. I do not think that I buy everything I read on the internet about it, but I can not see how it hurts me to give it a try. This is sort of funny though, the way that they are hyping it up as though it is super argan oil for hair and skin. I look at what is written rather skeptically to be completely honest and I am curious as to how that stuff came to be on the internet if I am honest about it really. Of course I have dry scalp and I have dry skin, especially on my forehead right above the bridge of my nose. From all appearances there are a lot of people who have tried this stuff and really think it works. Of course it also appears that some people are hyping it up for reasons of their own, which do not appear to be based 100 percent in the absolute truth.

The stuff is apparently quite rare, because the trees from which the oil is produced are only found in the mountains of Morocco. They have been growing the stuff there for a very long time. They take the kernels or nuts that these trees produce and squeeze the oil out of them with a press, just like they make olive oil. Then they take the flesh of the nuts that is left over and feed it to the sheeps and goats and whatever else it is that they have in Morocco. I am just interested in how well it works, but I did do enough research to think that there is a lot of reason to believe it is worth the effort of trying.

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